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Boston's Noth Shoa in The 21st Century...

The Noth Shoa of Boston, Massachusetts, USA is more than just the stretch of coastline from Beantown to Cape Ann.

It's a state of mind.

The Noth Shoa State of Mind is awash in Maritime History, thriving on impressions of our Seafaring Past.

Our stock in trade is all about what once was...what use ta be.

Heads up, Folks!

This is no longer your same old Noth Shoa.

Change is afoot.

It's All About The Shoreline.

Earth's Ocean is getting bigger and threatening shorelines all over The Planet.

Climate Change is seeing to that.

Science says that Global Warming from Climate Change is causing The Ocean to warm and expand.

No matter what you or I may believe about Climate Change, whether man-made, natural phenomenon, or just plain BS ( ie...not happening at all ), governments, corporations, and large financial institutions have begun investing in preparations for a Century of slow, steady sea level rise and the threat of more and more huge coastal storms.

Coastal insurance rates have already begun rising in anticipation of this potential long range threat.

This makes sense when you realize that Global Maritime Commerce begins at The Shoreline.

Global Maritime Commerce makes the big wheel turn.

If 8,000,000,000 of us are going to thrive on Planet Earth the big wheel must keep turning.

Maritime Commerce fuels The Future.

Smart Money has invested all their eggs in the Coastal Development Basket for decades.

These individuals and corporate entities cannot afford to have their investments washed away by rising seas and increasingly severe weather.

Guess who's gonna pay for this plan of action?

We are.

One way or other, the public faces decades of escalating costs in advance of sea level rise...even if it never happens.

Like I said...Smart Money is betting on sea level rise and severe coastal storms.

Iacta Alea Est...the die is we go.

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Turn Climate Change and rising Sea Level from crisis to opportunity with forward thinking, sustainable, environmentally sound utilization of the region's resources.

Focus on Lynn Harbor as the Economic Hub of this region.

Concentrate our efforts on The 21st Century Nexus...Climate Change...Maritime Commerce...Satellite Telecommunications...Global Economy...

Use said focus and concentration to develop Boston's Noth Shoa into a Global Economic Force for The 21st Century.

This is bigger than Cod.


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Climate Change...

Since this project is based primarily on the anticipated effects of Climate Change, and we have already acknowledged that the subject is rife with doubt and confusion, here's my take.

First of all, the term itself, Climate Change, is a poor choice.

Earth's Climate has been changing regularly since long before there was us.

We just woke up one day and started taking notice of these changes because the potential outcome threatens our way of life.

This is about changes to our niche.

Change is always accompanied by fear and doubt.

This case multiplies the fear and doubt with the nagging question of, "Is this our fault, and what, if anything, can we do?".

This is a Niche Altering Event.

So let's start off by calling it such.

Niche Change is the term I prefer.

The next point is to confront the man-made v. natural occurrence part.

This can be solved by simply realizing that We Are Nature.

The whole concept of man-made v. natural is ridiculous.

What we do on Planet Earth is as much a part of the natural course of events as the Sun rising in the East.

Our behavior, smart, dumb, good, bad, or otherwise, is natural.

And it seems that our most enduring natural tendency is to take until it's used up and move on.

All of a sudden, we have been hit with the notion that there is no place else.

There's no more moving on to greener pastures.

We've messed up our environment, and there's nowhere left to start over.

These destructive actions, taken in the name of progress and commerce, while potentially deadly to us, have little or no effect on Planet Earth.

She withstood much worse for countless Eons, long before we arrived.

This is about us, not The Planet.

Earth will keep on spinning, with us or without us onboard.

So we better get together and start taking better care of Our Niche.

Which brings us back to the idea of Climate Change and rising Sea Level.

The two have become the twin poster children of our current state of affairs, and nobody knows for sure if they're real.

That's quite a state of affairs.

Stay Tuned...


Why Lynn Harbor...?

There are several reasons.

Starting with the simple fact that Lynn Harbor has absolutely zero Maritime Heritage standing in the way.

Lynn has never been a commercial port, the home of large fishing fleets, seafood processors or any of the other old timey industries that left behind acres of derelict vessels, docks, and piers in and around most of the harbors along the NE Coast.

There's nothing standing in the way, and there is 21st Century infrastructure along its shoreline.

Lynn Harbor is centrally located on The Noth Shoa, well sheltered, and perfectly suited for my first suggestion.

I mentioned the infrastructure along the shoreline.

General Electric's jet engine plant sits directly on a tidal inlet bordering Lynn Harbor, within FEMA's newly redefined flood danger zone.

Nearby is a waste to energy, trash burning, electric generating plant.

Not far down the same road is a Massachusetts Electric distribution/switching hub.

Access to "The Grid" sits right next to Lynn Harbor.

That sounds like Serendipity to me.

General Electric surely faces increasing expenses from insurance and remediation along the water.

My plan will enable GE to confront these upcoming changes in advance.

GE can work with The Lynn Maritime Future Center to develop a tidal generator intended to sit on the bottom at the outflow of Lynn Harbor.

The generator will reverse with the tide providing 24/7/365 output.

This system will be plugged directly into "The Grid".

Tidal Generation will become the basis of an new industry as GE develops super efficient generators via their vast turbine and electrical knowledge.

Who could be better suited for this project?


Everyone involved with GE from the ghost of Thomas Edison to local guy, and ex GE CEO, Jack Welch should be excited about this idea.

News of this proposal will generate Global interest in Lynn Harbor and provide jobs as GE gears up for this new technology.

This will draw investment to the region, and start providing the revenue certain to be needed as we combat upcoming changes.

LMFC and GE will create the $$$ that will soon be needed to maintain Lynn Harbor and its Environs before the caca hits the fan.

Those are the practical reasons why Lynn Harbor is my choice.

Equally important is the simple fact that Lynn is my home town and it would really please me to make this happen here.

Tidal Power is just the beginning.

All it takes is doing.

Ready whenever anyone else is!

Picture space vehicles being launched by balloon from a barge near Egg Rock, and returning to Lynn Harbor for recycling...



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