Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sea Level Rise on the North Shore...

We’ve all seen and heard conflicting stories about what Sea Level Rise means to us now and in the future.

Forget the six feet of water in the streets of downtown.

It’s nonsense.

The North Pole, South Pole, and Greenland are not going to suddenly melt and flood The Ocean.

We do face stronger coastal storms, bringing record flood tides on a regular basis.


We cannot even consider seawalls or barriers of any sort.

Look at the lay of the land around you.

Anything diverting flood tides from commercial harbors and waterfront development will drive water further along the coast and flood the marshes and low lying areas in every direction..

This will inundate acres of property.

That cannot be ignored.

It’s not just the flooding.

The biggest problem will be The EPA and other Environmental Groups.

It’s impossible to estimate the levels of Petro Chemicals and Heavy Metals that are in the ground around our coastlines.

Especially here on The North Shore where unfettered commercial activities took place all along this coastline for centuries.

There is still an automotive junk/recycling yard directly on The Harbor in Lynn.

Think of all the old factories along the water’s edge between Boston and Gloucester.

Flooding will carry poisonous waste directly back out into The Ocean when the tide recedes.

“Welcome Environmental Groups”.

In today’s world this will be a major economic disaster for any community.

And, it will put an immediate halt to any and all waterfront development efforts currently under way in said locale.

Read that again.

One major coastal storm diverted away from coastal development will send new levels of flooding up rivers, estuaries, and throughout the marshlands.

This will be an environmental disaster.


Future plans for cities and towns everywhere will come to a screeching halt.

FEMA and the EPA will rule our world.

Local economies will get worse, not better.

In that case, what are we going to do?

First of all…

None of this is going to happen tomorrow.

We may very well get the worst coastal storm in history at any moment.

But that is not an example of Sea Level Rise.

It is caused by the precursor to Sea Level Rise, Ocean Warming.

Earth’s Ocean is getting warmer.

Warmth from the Southern Ocean is spreading North, up the US East Coast, carried by the Gulf Stream.

Tropical Storms will have warmer water to feed off; carrying their full force further North than ever in History.

Like I said, record tidal surges are the precursor to Sea Level Rise.

A Century from now the same coastal storms will be travelling North with Sea Level two feet higher.

That is not a pretty picture for the US East Coast.

A Century from now, not tomorrow morning.

In recent months, every town, city, county, and state along the East Coast has made bold announcements of their intention to protect the citizenry with barriers and seawalls.

Obviously, this is an overreaction to Hurricane Sandy’s devastating effects along the NJ and NY coasts.

That’s where the big money is.

The big money says, “Our investments deserve to be protected from this oncoming threat.”

Local politicians counter with, “We’ll build a seawall. It’s under control.”

If all the seawalls and barriers projected along the US East Coast are implemented, we will see Cape Cod from New Bedford to The Canal turn back into Coastal Marsh as the entire Ocean is driven over the land.

Look at a map.

It’s pretty obvious.

Stopping The Atlantic Ocean is beyond folly.

It has to go somewhere.

All of which brings us back to my situation in Lynn.

I have been on this case since before you ever heard about Sea Level Rise.

I know as much about what is likely to happen as anyone alive today.

And, I have a greater natural affinity for Earth’s Shoreline and the effect Humans have along our coastlines than anyone else...anywhere.


My long term investment in Lynn’s Waterfront and The Harbor is in jeopardy.

There’s more than a rooting interest here.

We are not helpless in this advancing crisis.

In fact I have several things in the works which can make Sea Level Rise into an enormous economic boom for the entire region.

With common sense and careful planning, we have a Century to get things together.

Here’s a good place to start.

Click the seashell.

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